Great Uses For Slideshare You Need To Know

Social media channels exist in more areas than you may think. One of the most underrated of the social networks that you will discover is Slideshare. This is a solution that is very similar to what you may expect from programs like PowerPoint, only it’s online, social, and works for business and educational needs. In fact, there’s so much to this, that you may want to explore it a bit more. There’s a lot of great uses for this site, especially if you have a lot to say. The following are some great uses for this site, especially if you haven’t leveraged it beforehand.

Share Your PowerPoint or Other Presentations Easily

One of the most interesting things that you can do is simple, upload your PowerPoint presentations, and other slides. The whole purpose of the site is to share information with others. You will be able to market your content to over 60 million visitors monthly. You can become popular within the website, and can end up gaining popularity across your other social media profiles. You can bring new life to presentations that you’ve created in the past, or simply use options to promote business, affiliate marketing products, educational needs, or more.

Repurpose Old Content (Blogging, Articles, and More)

Do you have articles, blog posts, or content that you’ve published? You could take the content that you’ve posted in the past, make bullet points, and create slides. That old content can give your old content new life, and it can be shared across a network that has a built-in network of millions of people. Older content doesn’t have to go stale online, it can give your information new life. Expanding your content across a new website works on a lot of different levels. It may also give you new ideas for blogs, articles, and marketing collateral. Some marketers have said that this is a genius move, so why not test it out?

Create Videos and Animation

Slideshare is not just about putting up information, and slides. You can upload videos, graphics, animation and much more. It’s important to realize that this site is not the same as Vimeo or YouTube. However, this is a video sharing website that can help you get attention to your links, your social networking profile, and more. When you upload your items, you can fill out the description, and other content elements, so that you can distribute your videos across the internet, faster. The chances of your site going viral can rise by simply adding your video content to this site.

Use Slideshare For SEO (Ranking)

If you’re using SEO (search engine optimization) to help your site rank higher in Google. Search engines use keywords, phrases, and content to rank pages. When you upload anything to the site, you will have 3 major sections to fill out that help with optimization. These 3 sections include the title, description, and tags. These sections are where you can implement keyword elements to help you rank. These areas are building blocks within search engines, and one of the things you should test with this site.

Build Tutorials (How To Guides)

One of the things that you’re going to find to be true about this site is that there is a lot of tutorials uploaded. There’s so many tutorials, you will be surprised by what’s available. You can learn a great deal from others, but you are an expert at something as well. Use your expertise to write tutorials, and share information with others. Unlike PowerPoint, the slides within this site can fit a lot of information in a presentation, and people expect it. Some slide shows can go as long as 40 slides with a great deal of images, text, and more. You can build tutorials for people, you can learn from others, and rewrite things to help others as well.

The above are just some of the uses that you can use with SlideShare. Whether you own a business, want to share industry information, or want to present expert advice to others, you can do so with relative ease. Once you test this out once, you’ll see that there’s a lot of power found within the website. It’s an online sharing platform that mirrors some of the elements that PowerPoint may have, only it’s online, it’s a bit broader, and it’s completely shareable on other social networks. Check the site out and see how many are using this site to help others, promote products, services, and even rank higher within search engines.

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