Killer Tips For Those That Are Scared of Public Speaking

Public speaking is something that millions of people outright fear. It’s one of the things that can help you get your message across, but it can also cause a great deal of fear. So many people are scared of public speaking, that they will do anything to avoid it. If you’re one of those people that just doesn’t want to speak in front of a crowd, you will no doubt want to look at the following tips. The following tips are going to help you get over this fear, and speak to an audience of any size, without fear. Of course, your first try may not go so well, but if you take on the tips below, you’ll end up with a game plan that will pay off dividends.

Start Practicing Speaking Out Loud

The first thing that you need to do is simple, start practicing speaking out loud. You need to enunciate, and work on your lingual skills vocally. To do this, you should start reading a book. Get a novel that you own or buy one, and literally read it out loud in front of a mirror. Your goal is to get used to talking, and opening your mouth wide enough to get words out. Public speaking requires you to either read a speech or speak up out loud. Start practicing this by reading out loud, and you’ll be comfortable with your own voice, and enunciating vocabulary of various types.

Prepare In Advance

It’s rare to get called up to speak long form without any preparations. Everyone gets nervous, but people assume that speaking in public is going to be something that you have to do extemporaneously. That’s not the case. Preparation is everything, and you should look into practicing your speech, or what you will say in front of a mirror. Practice saying what you want to say, and keep focused on repeating the words over and over. The more you prepare, the better you are going to do in front of people. If you have a friend you can trust, call them and perform your speech in front of them. Get your family involved, and test out what you say and how you say it. They will give you a bit of advice as to make sure your enunciating properly and getting forward progress.

Watch Public Speakers

With the power of the internet, you have access to speeches and public speakers from all walks of life. Go online and search for speeches, sermons, and public performances where speaking is the main focal point. When you do this, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Your goal is not to emulate what others do, but rather see how they walk up to the microphone, how they move, and how they use their words. You can even see how standup comedians work, and see what they do in front of large or small audiences. Watching public speakers can help you understand how the best speakers in the world motivate, inspire, and educate.

Take A Class

Every city has a community college. Community colleges have classes that help with public speaking. Look for one, and jump in. You can take classes for a small price, or even free if you don’t want to get credit or seek a degree. By taking a class, you will be able to meet others that are scared of public speaking and want to learn more. This will help you work out some of the information about yourself, and others. It will help you get guidance from a professional, and will give you experience talking in front of a crowd.

Learn Breathing Exercises

Breathing is an important aspect of speaking in public. As you look into improving your public speaking, make sure that you learn how to breathe. Take deep breaths, and let them out slowly. Then concentrate on your task ahead, and continue to do this to slow your heart rate down a little. It’s ok to be nervous. Everyone gets nervous at one point or another, but your goal is to harness that energy and transform it into confidence. Breathing helps with this. It’s a dynamic solution to help you get comfortable with speaking in front of an audience.

Keep Doing It

If your goal is to get good at public speaking, you have to do it. You have to do it often, and keep doing it. You may need to look into taking a class, joining a group, and just keep reading out loud. The more you get used to speaking out loud, and getting in front of people, the more confident you will become, guaranteed.


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